Childrens bedroom furniture shopping Guide Mom Should Know!

A kid’s room can be one of the most fun areas of the home to decorate and furnish. It is possible to find children’s bedroom furniture at affordable prices that can create a comfortable, safe space for little ones to grow and play. Parents can get creative and make the most of a bedroom by choosing a theme or cheerful color scheme.

A well-designed room with quality furnishings will be able to carry a child from toddlerhood through their early teens. Many pieces of children’s bedroom furniture at Ollie and Leila are sold separately, but can also be purchased as a complete set. Sets can include a bed, dresser, desk, and night stand.
Safety first

Any item in a child’s room should be safe and high-quality and the furnishings are no exception. In fact, a poorly designed or constructed piece of furniture can be dangerous and cause injuries. Furniture should be put together correctly by following the manufacturer’s directions.

Purchasing older furniture is not always a smart idea, especially when it is for a child’s room. This is because the paint may be lead and can chip off. It is also impossible to know what kind of wear and tear the furnishings may have been subjected to over the years. Investing in new items is the only way to be sure that the pieces are truly safe.

Quality and versatility
Furnishings that are well-made and have a classic or modern design are going to be able to be used for many years. Items can be considered an investment, so choosing versatile pieces that can grow along with a child is important. Heirloom quality pieces can remain in the family and be used for multiple generations.

Choosing the best bed
Once a child has outgrown their crib, it is time to move them into a bed. Toddler beds are the perfect size for young children, but can be outgrown as quickly as a crib. Opting for a twin sized bed when transitioning out of a crib is an affordable option.

Bunk beds are a popular option, even if a single child will be sleeping in the room. Kids find bunk beds to be fun, and they also provide a sleeping space for any friends or young relatives that may be coming to spend a night. Space saving bunk bed designs can also allow for just one raised bed with a space below for a desk and chair.

Safety should always be a parent’s top consideration, so a bunk bed may not be the best choice for very young kids. A safety guardrail should always be in use on the top bunk. Also, a secure and easy to maneuver ladder should be properly installed.

A trundle bed is another great option if saving space is important. It is the perfect way to make a sleeping spot for overnight guests, and the bottom bed can be easily hidden away when not in use. Beds with storage drawers underneath can also make toy and clothing storage a breeze, keeping the items accessible to kids throughout the day.

There is a great deal to consider when looking for children’s bedroom furniture at retail stores. Furnishings and decor should be able to grow with a child over the years. By keeping safety and quality as the most important factors, parents can find excellent items that will last for many years.

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